“If you don't have a goal

you can't score!”

Online Marketing

Are you getting the most out of the opportunities online marketing has to offer? Is your website easily found, are you active on social media and are you getting enough profit and conversion from your website? No? Bo Webexperts would love to take on the challenge with you to strongly present yourself online!

Every online marketing course starts with defining the goals and applying the right tools to make the goals measurable. Together we draw up an action plan, set up a zero mark and then we start the business activities. 

Website optimalisation

We are the experts in technical optimalisation of your website so this can attract more relevant visitors. We do this by optimizing the speed of the website and setting up the website in a way that Google can easily crawl the page.

Besides that we optimize the usability of your website on basis of the goal of the website and our experience, so your website will create more conversion and profit.

Social Media

We help you with setting up social media channels and we can arrange effective social media campaigns for you.

These campaigns deliver extra attention to your product, service or event. You create a better insight into your target audience and reach them more efficiently which will improve your conversion.

E-mail Marketing 

Frequent contact with your clients and relations is the best PR. With an E-mailing you keep your clients updated on offers, innovations and other company news.

We are specialized in using MailChimp to successfully launch an e-mail marketing.

Online advertising

Online advertising gives you the possibility to reach new clients as a company.

We decide our communal goal, choose the right channels and launch advertising campaigns with you, which will bring your company to the attention of your target audience.